Fuller Park

Posted on July 18, 2008


Fuller Family Cemetery is located within Fuller Park, which is located off Gibson road in Athens, Texas. The two people buried here are enclosed with an iron gate with a large iron fence around them. The only visible graves are that of Medford Lee Fuller (1875-1944) and his wife Virginia McClelland Fuller (? -1938). Fuller park as been shrouded with mystery ever since Mr. Fuller erected the park in 1938 (after the death of Virginia Fuller). Fuller Park is said to house one of the five entrances to the underground network of tunnels that reside under the city of Athens, Texas. Rumors regarding Fuller Park are in great abundance. They range between entrances into a tunnel system all the way to the “virgin stone” fence that surrounds the park.





Monkey Cages: The Monkey cages are one of the most prominent landmarks within Fuller Park. They are a hot spot for rituals and a place where people go to get a good scare. During production of the documentary we along with others discovered the remnants of a ritual that had taken place at the monkey cages not long before we arrived. As part of the ritual pentacles were spray painted on 4 trees and the roof of the monkey cages. The trees that had been spray-painted with pentacles and the roof of the monkey cage formed a star, with an alter in the center of the area. The alter consisted of charred wood and salt. Many people claim to have seen mutilated animal carcasses (dogs, cats and sometimes cows) inside and around the Monkey cages within Fuller Park. However, I haven’t personally witnessed animal carcasses, only the ritual stated above.

Fuller Grave Plot: The first thing you’ll notice upon entering Fuller Park is the plot where the Fuller’s remains are buried. The graves are enclosed by two large chains that stretch from four posts made of virgin stone (Iron ore). Unfortunately, the graves have been badly vandalized by the locals. The tombstones have been kicked over and spray-painted with various obscenities. It’s really sad to see the graves in such condition. It is VERY common to see melted candle wax around the grave and tombstone of the Fuller plat. Every time we’ve been to Fuller Park there is always broken candles of various colors (red, white and green mainly). Some of the candles are burned at both ends, but all are smashed and broken after the ritual.

Barn and Tow truck: Not many people go deep enough into Fuller Park to see the barn and Tow truck. The barn has a lot of boxes full of Christmas ornaments, a mattress, busted shell of an old TV among other weathered trash. The barn is VERY unstable so be EXTREMELY cautions if you happen to go out there. I would not recommend that anyone go inside the barn. You’ll know what I’m talking about when you see it. The Tow truck is very interesting! It’s an old model truck that’s been gutted by time and trespassers. The doors are heavily rusted but it’s still possible to open the doors. Most of the glass is busted out and there is a large crane mounted on the back with metal cable spiraling out past the vehicle, covered with leaves and dirt.

I’ve personally been in Fuller Park several times at various time of day. Being in Fuller Park during the day is comfortable because it’s easy to see where you are going. The tree bustle with life and sway peacefully in the breeze. A lot of people I’ve talked to go to Fuller Park during the daytime to relax. However, night is polar opposite.. There is a very large bat population in Fuller Park. Mainly because there isn’t a lot of people in the area to bother them. It is very common to hear screeching and rustling in the leaves while in Fuller Park at nighttime. I believe this is the type of noises thrill seekers feed on to get their adrenaline buzz. The park is much more active during the night. While filming this documentary we encountered some pretty bizarre activity in Fuller Park at night. I won’t talk about it too much… I just want people to be careful if they decide to go out to the park at night

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