About Black of Day: The Dark History of Athens, TX

In 2007 Sub_American began production on a documentary covering the dark history of Athens, TX. We’ve had an amazing response from people all over Texas and some as far out as Washington D.C. and Canada. I wanted to create this blog so that I could give weekly\monthly updates on our progress. With time this blog should be a great database of info for other truth seekers. Please remember to leave constructive comments for others to learn from.

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Black of Day is a documentary currently being filmed by Sub_American Productions. We chose to document the dark history of Athens, TX because of the overwhelming amount of urban legends associated within this small area. During our first days of research we quickly found that we were not the only ones interested in the darkness over Athens, TX. There are literally thousands of people from all across the country looking into Athens, TX. There are several online communities, forums, and motivated individuals that have dedicated time, information, and personal websites on the topic of witchcraft, paganism, black masses, and ritualistic activities in Athens, TX.  Note: We realize that certain religious people get touchy when others inadvertently associate black masses, Satanism, and other dark ritualistic activities with Wiccan and Pagan religions. However, we all know there is a difference between them. For those of you that don’t know the difference, just google it.


The documentary is aimed at educating the public and providing unbiased research to confirm the origin of such urban legends. We are NOT here to fuel the fire of speculation. We are here to provide documented facts and first hand accounts. If you have any questions, or information regarding the dark history of Athens, TX, you can email us at subamerican@gmail.com or just leave a comment! I will be adding tons of info over the next few months so keep your eyes open for cool stuff!

Contact: Justin Mosley  subamerican@gmail.com

Website: http://www.blackofday.com


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  1. Emily Stovall

    September 26, 2008

    Another theory on the underground tunnels, is that the five points of the star on Loop 7 (pentagram) are the five entrances, right? The middle of the star is the courthouse, well people say the reason the courthouse was built there, is to keep construction from digging up the center “room”, which is where “they” (whoever ‘they’ is) would perform rituals.

    It’s also rumored to be:
    Ku Klux Klan gathering area
    “Torture Chambers”
    Ritualistic gathering areas…

    Well, those are just rumors I’ve heard. 🙂


  2. maverick

    October 19, 2010

    well i have lived around athens for 30 years and have hear a lot of different stories…. i have had friends go into fuller park and come out running saying two dogs with fire red eyes were chasing them to going in the park myself and experiencing some weird things…..the rumour to where the entrance in the park is supposed to be a stone arrow pointing to the entrance….myself and a few mothers went into the park one night and found such a stone….this stone pointed to a bigger stone…. next to this stone was an area about 3 ft wide covered in water with a piece of rebar in the middle…..3 different friends of mine tried to pull the rebar out …when they got tired of messing with it i took my turn….i tried pulling it up but it just wouldn’t budge…..i tried one more time but this time i moved it to make the form of a cross….when i did this the water drained from the hole and i was able to pull the rebar out…..i looked at my friends and we all left…..we went back the next night with shovels because we just knew we had found the entrance to the tunnels….when we got back to the same spot we found the rebar back in the ground surrounded by water…..we left the park that night and never went back….i am sure there is an entrance there in fullers park……i also know of another entrance that has been found…..it was dug up and capped off when a construction company dug it up ….it is across the street from what is now McGilvrey ford body shop……i know it is there because i seen them dig it up with my own eyes….i also remember the comotion it stirred up and was amazed how fast a truck load of concrete arrived to the scene……another rumoured entrance is under the gazeebo at the park and another one in athens cemetery


    • Yesenia Diaz

      January 23, 2019

      what year and around what time did you go? I’m doing a project and would like to know more about your experience with this park in particular. I’m very interest in the history of this town myself. If I do not respond immediately I do apologize in advance


  3. maverick

    October 19, 2010

    sorry i meant the gazeebo at the country club


  4. maverick

    October 19, 2010

    me and a lot of friends have lots of stories that we have experienced in the past

  5. I would love to find the tunnnel entrances. If anyone knows good directions to them or can get coordinates please do and post them!


  6. laura

    May 22, 2012

    me and a friend went to fullers park this last weekend and they were in a middle of a ritual when we went in the woods. And they actually have trhe place for sale. Good luck with that.

  7. I live in Athens tx was born there and moved to Austin as a young child where I was raised. I moved back there almost 3 years ago, and I can tell you that as a child it was quite a horrible place to be. I am sensitive, gifted, an empath, whatever you would like to call it. And I have childhood memories being terrified by the stories we were told about the town and its histories. As an adult it intrigues me and helps me to piece together the things I learned as a child and now. My grandmother showed me my grandfathers Masonic bible recently, reading some of the things in the handbook telling the practices of the masons I was honestly scared. I would vary much like to speak with you about your documentary and help uncover the true history of Athens tx any way I can.

  8. The hospital is currently being remodeled and will soon be turned into another facility. Many people mentioned Fuller park which in my opinion has been more correctly associated with occult activity than the hospital has. The hospital has a lot of negative and scary history and probably has some of that lingering. Fuller park however is less closely monitored as it’s in a relatively remote area with few houses close to it and because of this remains a more active site for rituals, sacrifications, etc. My grandmother personally stumbled upon an active animal sacrifice while exploring the area with friends. When I was a child my aunt was deeply involved in the occult in Henderson county, and I have heard horrific stories told about their actions. Of course a lot of these participants are either on meth or heroine as they both run rampant in the area but that fact seems to encourage involvement for most. To be honest, spirits and ghosts aren’t the biggest worry in these haunted places in Athens, Texas, it’s the practitioners of dark occult magick whom should be most feared. While that fear is part of the reason I have never explored Fuller Park, there’s also a part that comes from jumping the crumbling wall around the property two separate times and almost automatically having my flashlight switch off. The second time I brought a spare, brand new set of batteries with me. It goes without saying that they didn’t make a difference until I was in my car and heading home when the flashlight came on in the floorboard where it was laying.

  9. I would like to hear more about the monkey cages and the hospital.


  10. Christina Douthit

    August 3, 2015

    The old hospital in athens is going to be torndown real soon



    August 8, 2016


  12. As an Athenian myself, born and raised, I’d be interested to hear what else you find. I am writing a book, but Athens and its folklore isn’t the main attraction. But still, some of these landmarks mentioned here are definitely some that will be brought forth in my writing and I need some more information on them as well. Best of luck with your documentary.


  13. hunter justice

    October 19, 2018

    i live in athens

  14. when i was lil i used to see a guy hanging from a tree and me and him used to talk even tho he’s a ghost this happen in 2012


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