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Posted on January 9, 2009


I’m going to post some of my research  in this section. You may use this material in any way you see fit. Currently, I will only be able to post information that is “public” information.  NOTE: All materials given to Sub_American Productions during the production of the documentary Black of Day: The Dark History of Athens, Texas anonymously or confidentially will not be displayed on this blog until the documentary has been officially released to the public.

 If you do use any of the information below on your site or forum please link me 🙂 and I’ll link you on my blog.

Thanks! Enjoy!

December 7, 1989 Athens Daily Review

Sorry the image is a little blurry. If your having trouble reading the article click here

The article above has some very interesting information in it. It states that  “Rev. Fuller’s will, which may have the only written documentation of the intended purpose of the park, was supposedly lost in a fire, also considered mysterious at the time”. The article also goes onto say “{Fuller Park} joins other perhaps less known mysteries, such as legends of a network of underground tunnels beneath the city”


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